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  • I always liked Ed Ames work with Fess Parker in the TV series Daniel Boone. He was a good actor and I enjoyed his character. I also saw him in the TV show Mc Cloud. I was sorry to hear about his passing last week and as a fan, I’ll always remember him in the good work he did. His memory will also live on through this fine interview with Michael Dante.

    Mindy S.

  • Johnny Bench is one of the greatest all-around catchers of all time. And I’m honored to say he’s my friend. Our interview went so well and even knowing him as I do, I learned more about his interesting life in and out of baseball. It’s an enjoyable interview for all. Thank you, Johnny.

    Michael D.

  • Wow! Virginia Mayo. My sister-in-law looks exactly like her! She was so beautiful and full of grace. Her career spanned over many decades as her talent and beauty keep her working. She co-starred with many Hollywood greats. I remember hearing that her favorite sandwich was ‘peanut butter and jelly.’ 🙂 How sweet! One of my favorite actresses.

    Mindy J.
  • I always enjoyed watching Virginia Mayo act. She was beautiful and talented.

    Kerby Pugh
  • Michael,

    You will get a kick out of this (Mary Jane too).

    When Clint Walker first met my Mother he remarked how much she looked like Vriginia Mayo! Wow. What a compliment. I believe he actually said how much Hannah resembled Virginia Mayo at least one more time when we saw him again (Festival of the West).

    Alan Rockman
  • Many of the leading ladies in film today, on television or in movies, don’t have the class that actresses of years ago did. Virginia Mayo was a perfect example of beauty and talent. She was a ‘class act.’ So many of her films were so enjoyable and I watch them on the channels that play good old movies. Thank you Michael for your great interview with one of my favorite actresses, Virginia Mayo.

    Gene R.

  • I have followed Eric Braeden’s career for many years. He always lends a true sense of drama to every episode of ‘The Young and the Restless’ that’s he’s in. I always look forward to the next episode mainly because of Eric. I understand that he’s facing a health challenge now and I wish him the best now and always!

    Barbara F.

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