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  • What a sweet, talented and lovely person! Elke Sommer has been a long time friend along with her husband Wolf, and it was a pleasure to interview her. We had so much to talk about and so much in common, as Elke is a professional athlete in several sports, as well as a fine actress and talented painter. I hope you will listen in to our interview. There is so much to hear and enjoy! Thank you, as always, Michael

    Michael Dante

  • Man, oh man! I am so happy to see Tommy Davis here! He was one of my favorites in baseball history. A great player and a super great man! RIP Tommy. Your fans are still here. My love of baseball and all the baseball players that keep us entertained throughout the years is my go-to sport! Gotta go now and listen to the show! Thank you, Michael Dante for preserving the greats in sports!

    Bobby R.

  • Wow! Charlie Pasarell! What a legend in the world of tennis. He has accomplished so much as a tennis player with all of the greats of the game and is highly respected. I love the game of tennis and always like to hear from those who, back in the day, created so much for us to enjoy then and now on television, and at all the Major Tournaments with the top stars of the game. I never miss a tennis event and always remember the excellence of tennis stars like Charlie Pasarell. Thanks Charlie for all you’ve done for the game and all you do now! xxxTennisxxx

    Bobby S.

  • I would like to comment on Kathleen Sullivan. The world of Journalism has changed and it’s not like it used to be, fair and objective. Kathleen Sullivan is a role model for me as I’m learning how to be a good journalist. It’s not easy balancing all the information but if I follow leaders in the field such as Kathleen, I will be successful and informative to my audience. Thank you Kathleen and thank you Michael Dante for this wonderful interview.

    Vanessa L.


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From 1996 to 2008, I was the host of The Michael Dante Classic Celebrity Talk Show. We recorded over 200 of the top classic celebrity names from the world of entertainment and sports on my radio show.

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