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  • Connie Francis was one of my favorite entertainers. The interview was sensational! Connie was very candid and in-depth about her career. and her life. I recommend everyone to listen to this rare and classic interview. Thank you, Michael.

    Richard M

  • Wow! I remember so many of Rod Steiger’s films and certainly remember the one that Michael Dante was in with Rod, Seven Thieves. They were so good portraying thieves that went to rob the Monte Carlo Casino. Edward G. Robinson and Joan Collins were also in the film with other very good actors. When Michael and Rod had to go out on a ledge very high up, I held my breath because Michael was so afraid of heights! It was very suspenseful and I will always remember that film. Thank you, Michael for sharing this interview with Rod Steiger.

    Samantha H.
  • The film I remember Rod Steiger in was The Illustrated Man. He was covered with tattoos from head to toe. I have to see that movie again because I think it might be relevant today with the wide acceptance of tattoos in the world. He was ahead of his time in this movie and such a good actor. I can’t wait to listen to the show!

    Ben J.

  • Years ago, I remember a very sexy, funny, charming actress that always captured everyone’s attention. Her name was (and is) Mamie Van Doren. I’m happy to know she is still kickin’ and that she’s out there for her fans after so many years. Good for her and good for us! I look forward to listening to this special interview. Thank you, Michael, for these great radio shows!

    Leonard S.

  • This show, with the ‘Hamma,’ is so appropriate now with the Superbowl coming up in two weeks. Thank you Michael for releasing this radio show now. Fred Williamson is so special and how many of us can hear from someone that actually played in Superbowl One? Wow! Plus, Fred went on to do films and TV. He’s a real superstar! I loved this show! Thanks from a big football fan, Brandon

    Brandon K.
  • Hi Michael, I love all of these interviews from the stars of the past that we haven’t heard from in awhile. My husband loved this one with Fred Williamson, as he’s a big football fan. And I love the other shows with entertainers, actors and actresses. You have something here for everyone. Thank you from a fan of yours too, Brenda.

    Brenda E.
  • Hi Michael, Hi Fred, Can I ask a question? I don’t know if it will get to Fred, but I’ll try. What was it like playing in the first Superbowl compared to the Superbowl of today? It must have been very different? Or pretty much the same, as long as the best team wins! Fred, I hope to hear from you. Thank you, Michael, Adam

    Adam H.



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